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E-Commerce development and optimisation expert

Lead developer at David Koch's KBB Digital

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Web Design Geelong

E-commerce development and optimisation

Hey I’m Nathan George, lead developer at KBB Digital, the digital marketing division of David Koch’s Business Builders. My passion is web development, specifically e-commerce sites and ways of optimising conversion rates. At KBB Digital we use a range of technologies however our favourite platform is WordPress and WooCommerce.

I started out as a web developer back in ’99 at a small startup in Melbourne, ‘Odd Software’. Back then web development was a lot more straight forward and social media wasn’t even invented. I had the fortune of getting to work on sites such as Derryn Hinch’s ‘Election Pulse’ and Postcards presenter Suzie Wilks’s book launch ‘RUEA?’.

From there I owned operated my own web development firm in Geelong for over 10 years. ‘George I.T.’ offered web design, development, hosting and print design services, had an amazing client base and even had a short run at a store front in James Street, Geelong.

Since then I had the great fortune of meeting the team at KBB Digital and work with an amazing bunch of people. If you have any interest in working with me or the team at KBB Digital feel free to hit me up, or head on over to the KBB Digital website.

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George I.T. Projects

Emily Kaye

Built on WordPress and WooCommerce, Emily Kaye utilises a range of add ons to explore techniques of conversion optimisation. Selling fashion jewellery online, Emily Kaye offers funky and affordable costume jewellery in a range of styles.


Really a way of storing small pieces of information learned along the way, wpreactor contains code snippets, release info and opinions revolving around WordPress. Still taking a bit of shape, but hopefully soon to be a regular outlet of information.

Working with leading edge technology such as...

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Woocommerce What?

One of the fastest growring, full featured and easy to use e-commerce platforms on the market. Find out why I prefer to develop e-commerce sites with 'Woocommerce' by Woo Themes.

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Conversion Optimisation

Get the most out of your e-commerce site by utilising proven conversion tactics. Pricing and shipping strategies, trust signals, distraction free checkout, customer rewards systems.

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Web & Print Portfolio

View some of my latest and best design work from both web and print projects, read a little more on decisions made during the development process and their effect on clients outcomes.

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